Welcome to Ski Savant

A place where beginners can learn about various ski topics on gear, techniques, product reviews and most importantly – a growing community of skiers and snowboarders who appreciate that beautiful mountain snow!

Why Ski Savant?

The term Savant means ‘a person who has an exceptional aptitude in one particular field’.

Well that is all of us here. Everyone who writes for us is a pretty exceptional skier or snowboarder and absolutely LOVES the winter outdoors!

What Ski Savant is all about

When coming up with the idea of ski savant, we wanted to publish content that is primarily geared toward the beginner skier and/or snowboarder.

It’s always hard to sift through the internet to find accurate information without being distracted with fancy terms or techniques that may make you feel intimidated or overwhelmed.

That is why Ski Savant is here, to help you.. the beginner skier or snowboarder find your way and gather all the information you need to hit the powder safely AND with confidence.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to request more information about a specific alpine topic, then head over to our contact page where you can connect with us via email or social media.